Dental tips for holiday travel

With the holidays right around the corner, we came up with useful tips to make this time of year even more enjoyable.  

1.      Be Prepared

Include a toothbrush and tooth paste in your carry-on bag.  This is handy in case your bags are misplacedor your connecting flight is delayed.    


2.      Do sweat the small stuff!

We know the saying, but that doesn’t apply with holiday travel.  Remember to also include your tongue scraper, floss, and mouth wash.  These items are small and take up practically no space in your luggage, but can be life savers when traveling.


3.      Let it dry

Most of us use travel toothbrush cases for storing our toothbrushes.  We should take extra care to properly dry our toothbrushes after each use to prevent bacteria from forming.  The dark, moist enclosure could be the perfect breeding ground for unwelcome guests.


4.      Maintain your regular cleanings

This time of year, everyone’s extremely busy.  Maintaining regular cleanings lessens the likelihood of unexpected dental emergencies.  During cleanings dentists often correct issues before they can become worse.  

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