How our team is keeping you safe during the pandemic

Our team is working hard to keep both our patients and dental team as safe as possible during this unprecedented time.  We consider patient and staff safety imperative! Even prior to the pandemic, our office had standards of both sterilization and cleanliness that went above and beyond CDC recommendations. To specifically combat the contagious quality of COVID-19, we have added a few new protocols.  

Below are three protocols, both new and existing, our team practices to keep everyone safe while they visit our office:  

1.)    Ensuring patients have low risk before being seen

We have started asking pre-screening questions to gauge the overall risk level of all individuals with appointments at our office.  These questions include recent travel history, the presence of common symptoms within the last 14-21 days, and contact with COVID-19 positive individuals.  If we determine someone to be a higher risk,we require a latency period before starting or resuming any dental treatment.  As a further precaution, our team also takes each patient’s temperature prior to every dental appointment to make sure a fever is not present.  

2.)    Properly clean and disinfect our dental office and tools

Under ordinary circumstances, dentists have the highest infection control standards. At Cresta Bella Dental we pride ourselves on the lengths we take to keep our patients safe while visiting our office. Our efforts include properly sterilizing instruments, thoroughly sterilizing each operatory after each appointment, covering those sterilized treatment surfaces with plastic barriers immediately after disinfection, and thoroughly cleaning high contact areas like doorknobs and faucet handles.  

3.)    Wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is not uncommon for dental procedures to produce airborne particles that may be contagious.  Our team wears PPE whenever in contact with patients to make sure not only our team is protected but to also ensure the safety of our patients.  This equipment includes face shields, protective masks, gowns, and gloves.  


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